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Socialism is resurgent in the United States. Left Voice is a new publication that argues for a revolutionary and internationalist strategy.

We launched in 2015 and publish two issues of a print magazine every year. Our website publishes articles and videos every day.

We believe that the working class needs to fight for its own independent, revolutionary party. In the tradition of the U.S. socialist movement going back to Eugene V. Debs, we reject both the Republican and Democratic parties of the capitalists.

We believe that the working class needs to struggle against every form of oppression: sexism, racism and LGBT oppression are an integral part of capitalism.

We welcome submissions of all kinds: articles, debates, reports (especially from workplaces), letters, translations, photographs, videos… Please contact us with ideas and proposals.

We are anti-imperialists and internationalists. That is why we are part of an international network of revolutionary online publications, including:

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  • Programmer: Max Karlmann
  • Archival Assistant: Óscar Fernández


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