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10 Images of the Battle at PepsiCo

This morning, PepsiCo workers were brutally repressed by the police who evicted them from an occupation in defense of their jobs.

July 13, 2017

Image from El Pais

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Early on Thursday morning, the police brutally repressed PepsiCo workers who occupied the factory three weeks ago in defense of their jobs. The 600 workers gained national and international solidarity for their struggle. On Thursday, they put up a struggle against the eviction, which was televised in all major Argentine news channels.

After the eviction, there was a massive show of solidarity, with hundreds of letters and tweets. The Madres de La Plaza de Mayo called for a mobilization in support of the workers and the Sarmiento line of the train organized a work stoppage.

The occupation before the repression.

Image from El Pais

Image from Clarin

Image from El Pais

Image from Carin

Image from Cronica

Image from Clarin


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