Against the repression by Miguel Angel Mancera’s government

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  • June 11, 2013

The Liga de Trabajadores por el Socialismo (Workers for Socialism League – LTS), the Juventud Socialista Anticapitalista y Revolucionaria (Socialist Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Youth –JASyR), the Agrupación de Mujeres Pan y Rosas (Bread and Roses Women’s Association) and fraternal organizations demand the immediate release of our members and all political prisoners arrested on June 10th.

Around 7:30 pm, the commemorative demonstration of June 10 –The Halconazo, in 1971- was dispersed and repressed. With a brutal repressive deployment, police advanced on the concentration at the end of the march and arbitrarily detained more than 20 youth. Dozens of protesters were surrounded by the police of the GDF. The square of the Zócalo was covered by tear gas just as they reached the teacher’s encampment.

Among those arrested are also members of the Liga de Trabajadores por el Socialismo (LTS), Juventud Anticapitalista Socialista y Revolucionaria (JASyR) and the Agrupación de Mujeres Pan y Rosas.

Our comrades (socialist militants) were arrested on the corner of November 20 and Regina, while heading home after having participated in this historic demonstration. This was also a great distance from where the supposed “fighting” took place a term the city government claims to justify repression.

Again, as with the first of December, police PRD government of the Federal District acted illegally, by arbitrarily arresting our young companions (male and female), surrounding and beating them viciously (similar to the images displayed by the international press in Turkey against youth). This right-wing city government defines itself as progressive, yet continues the policy of criminalization of social protest, and in particular the youth, with the smear campaign and slander propagated by the media.

To address these basic violations of human rights, the detainee’s defense lawyers have brought a complaint before the Human Rights Commission of the Federal District, and an appeal for legal protection against the illegal detention of which they were subjected. The comrades were beaten by police and arrested with great violence; police moved them from the patrol P6428 and then to a white van unlabeled 426vm number plate. Detainees were found in 50 of the Public Ministry Agency.

Among our detainees are the comrades Sergio Mendez Moissen Abraham, professor at the Faculty of Social and Political Science and a doctoral student in American Studies at UNAM, who actively participated in the movement # YoSoy132, is the author of numerous articles of Marxist political theory, co-author of México en Llamas (1910-1917) / Interpretaciones marxistas de la Revolución ( Mexico on fire (1910-1917) / Marxist interpretations of the Revolution), coordinator of the Freedom Chair Karl Marx, taught at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, UNAM 10 years ago, coordinator of Armas de la Crítica and collaborator of the CEIP León Trotsky(Centre for Studies, Research and Publications Leon Trotsky) in México.

Alex Osorio, a member of the LTS and JASyR, second year student at UNAM, active during the peak of the campaign YoSoy132 and for the release of prisoners from the first of December 1Dmx Coordinator.

Pegueros Jesus Briceno militant JASyR LTS and an activist of the Faculty of Economics, UNAM, spokesman multiple times # YoSoy132 movement.
Nancy Cornejo Cazares, a member of Pan y Rosas (Bread and Roses) is a poet and student of Arts FFyL activist this faculty. She empathized with SME workers after extinguishing LyFC decree; attended the MPJD and assembly of UNAM for the # YoSoy132.

Edgar Gonzalez Gonzalo Arredondo, militant JAsyR LTS and Diversity, is a student of Latin American Studies FFyL; attended the MPJD and assemblies # YoSoy132, becoming part from # YoSoy132Gay; which organizes for sexual diversity rights and against hate crimes.

All these comrades are members of our organization and participate openly in the political life of the university and student movement. We believe their imprisonment, the savage actions of the police and the Public Prosecutor’s charges is an expression of McCarthyite persecution driven in Mexico City PRD government, directed against the political organizations of the left, as the LTS, JASyR and Pan y Rosas are part of the struggles and movements of workers and youth.

A 42-year “halconazo” anti-democratic repression continues, accompanied by a media campaign that attempts to justify outrageous repression against youth struggling. Youth who participated in this historic mobilization yesterday are targeted today as “progressive left” government in Mexico City, criminalize social unrest and youth with “antiterrorist” laws and reforms voting by the PRI and the PAN against the working population.

The undersigned organizations condemn the repression of serious violations of human rights perpetrated by the capital police and demand the immediate and unconditional release of our members and all political prisoners June 10. We also demand trial and punishment of those responsible for the repression and human rights violations of the first of December and yesterday, today more than ever June 10 is not forgotten!
We call upon human rights organizations, students, political and social, intellectuals, trade unions and the UNT, the EMS, the CNTE SUTIEMS and to express their rejection of the arbitrary arrests of youth and against suppression of PRD in Mexico and in the States of the Republic.

Liga de Trabajadores por el Socialismo and organizations of the Fourth International-Trotskyist Fraction (PTS -Socialist Workers Party- of Argentina, the LOR-CI -Revolutionary Workers League for the Fourth International- from Bolivia, LER-QI (Strategy Revolutionary League) in Brazil, PTR-CcC (Revolutionary Workers Party) of Chile, LTS (Workers for Socialism League) from Venezuela, LRS (League of Socialist Revolution) of Costa Rica, supporters of the FT in Uruguay, Class Against Class Spanish State, RIO Group, sympathizing section of Germany and TF militants in the CCR / Z platform NPA France)

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