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Ariane Diaz

Ariane was born in Buenos Aires Province in 1977. She has a degree in Literature and is a member of the Socialist Workers Party (PTS). She compiled and prefaced the books Philosophical Writings , by León Trotsky (2004), and The Meeting of Breton and Trotsky in Mexico (2016). She wrote in the book Dialectical Constellations. Tentativas sobre Walter Benjamin (2008), and writes on Marxist theory and culture.

Engels Still Lives at 200

Today marks 200 years since the birth of Friedrich Engels, the revolutionary leader who, side by side with Marx, elaborated a good part of what we know today as the theoretical bases of Marxism and built the first international organizations of “insurrectionist wage slaves” who adopted communism as the name for their objective.

Ariane Diaz

November 28, 2020

Culture and Revolution: Trotsky’s Debates on the Transition to Socialism

During the 1920s, when the Russian Revolution was struggling with new problems — international isolation, the introduction of the NEP, and the open political struggles within the party after Lenin’s death. In the public debate about how to reckon with these problems, Trotsky intervened through various writings on the cultural problems of the transition. This article addresses one of these interventions, focusing on Trotsky’s writings in Literature and Revolution (1924)

Ariane Diaz

June 28, 2020

The Revolution Is a Moment of Inspired Frenzy in History: Notes from Trotsky

How should revolutionaries organize, and what role does a party play? A party cannot simply "fatten up" until at some point it represents the entire working class. It has to insert itself into the class and be part of its victories and defeats.

Ariane Diaz

March 28, 2020