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Ben Douglass

10 Reasons UPS Workers Are Voting “No” on the Tentative Agreement

Not all UPS workers are happy with the tentative agreement. Here’s how the proposed contract falls short of what workers deserve and have the power to win.

Ben Douglass

August 11, 2023

UPS Teamsters, We Can Fight for More: Vote No on the Tentative Agreement

The tentative agreement between Teamsters and UPS is not enough. As UPS workers, we urge UPS Teamsters to reject it and use the momentum we've built to fight for more

Ben Douglass

August 1, 2023

As Negotiations Collapse, Historic UPS Strike Looms Large

Negotiations between UPS and the Teamsters came to a halt after the company failed to meet the union’s economic demands, primarily around part timers’ wages. After decades of defeats, a militant strike could revitalize the labor movement.

Ben Douglass

July 9, 2023