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Fabián Puelma

From Chile to Greece: Neoreformist Government and Revolutionary Opposition

Chile’s new president, Gabriel Boric, has promised serious changes, but his reformist program is guaranteed to disappoint the masses. There are important similarities between his government and that of Syriza in Greece from 2015 to 2019. For an internationalist discussion, Fabián Puelma, a revolutionary socialist from Chile, spoke at a meeting of a Trotskyist organization in Greece.

Fabián Puelma

January 18, 2022

Piñera Makes More Concessions After Massive Protest. Chileans Shouldn’t Believe His Promises.

The following article was written by a Chilean socialist in the Revolutionary Workers Party (PTR) following an announcement by Chilean President Piñera that he would reshuffle his cabinet, possibly replacing the heads of up to nine ministries. This came less than 24 hours after more than a million Chileans came out for the largest protests in Chile since the military dictatorship.

Fabián Puelma

October 28, 2019