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Laura Varlet

Chronicle of a trip to Greece

Workers and youth around the world have followed the struggle of the Greek people with interest and hope. At the end of July and beginning of August we visited Greece to meet activists, trade unionists and members of left parties to get a first hand account of the situation in Greece.

Laura Varlet

August 18, 2015

The Institute Pantelis Pouliopoulos and the legacy of Greek Trotskyism

On August 6, we interviewed Kostas Skordoulis and Yanis Felekis, leading members of the group OKDE-Spartakos and founding members of the Institute for Political and Social Research Center Pantelis Pouliopoulos (IPSR Pouliopoulos). After a two-hour journey by bus we arrived at Kamena-Vourla, a seaside resort in the center of Greece. In the past, this small […]

Laura Varlet

August 17, 2015

A Difficult Summer for Tsipras

After a very difficult July, the crisis continues to hit hard in Greece. In the exhausting month of August, Tsipras government still faces great difficulties: a historic stock market crash, negotiations with the Troika and a difficult social situation that may bring more surprises after the summer.

Laura Varlet

August 5, 2015

Conversations with workers and activists in Greece

Laura Varlet and Josefina Martinez, foreign correspondents in Athens. We were able to talk with Dimitris, Thanasis, and Mirto, workers and social activists in Greece. The first two are members of the bookshop workers union in Athens, while Mirto is an unemployed teacher. We have decided to share their reflections on the situation in Greece since Tsipras' capitulation with our readers.

Laura Varlet

August 4, 2015

Greece: A scandalous trial targeting left-wing activists

On Tuesday July 28, the charges faced by three activists arrested on July 15 during the mobilisation in Syntagma Square were announced. While the police was beating the demonstrators, the government led by Alexis Tsipras was debating the draconian agreement with the Troika. The activists were sentenced to several months of imprisonment on suspended sentences of three years.

Laura Varlet

July 30, 2015