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Laura Liff

Argentina: The Revolutionary Left in the Struggle against Milei

Just weeks into his administration, Argentina’s far-right president, Javier Milei, has unleashed a draconian program of austerity, layoffs, and attacks on democratic rights. In this context, new possibilities are opening up for building a revolutionary workers’ party, an effort to which the Party of Socialist Workers (PTS) has concentrated its work.

Laura Liff

January 12, 2024

Women’s Emancipation in Times of Global Crisis

The crisis of global capitalism reminds us that the rights oppressed people have obtained are not set in stone, but are subject to cuts imposed by bourgeois governments and international financial institutions. Our rights are subject to the ups and downs of power relations in global capitalism. The economic crisis deepens social polarization, reviving the most reactionary sectors of society to express their virulent xenophobia, homophobia, and misogyny. Knowing this, how can we fight for women’s liberation?

Laura Liff

August 15, 2016