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Lennart Schlüter

A Three-Way Split in Marx21 — Which Way Forward for the Revolutionary Left in Germany?

Marx21, the post-Trotskyist network inside Die Linke, has split into three different groups. How can revolutionary socialists move forward?

Lennart Schlüter

January 13, 2024

Marx21 in Germany Is About to Split

Marx21, a post-Trotskyist network inside the reformist party Die Linke, is just weeks away from a three-way split. A former member looks at the debates inside Marx21 and draws lessons for revolutionary socialists.

Lennart Schlüter

August 9, 2023

Washington Exposed: Pentagon Leaks Unveil Damning New Information about the Ukraine War

Leaked documents have shed new light on the massive U.S. and NATO involvement in the Ukraine war. They also expose some top-secret information about U.S. and Russian secret service activities in countries around the world. Socialists can use this new information to better analyze trends in the international capitalist system.

Lennart Schlüter

April 25, 2023