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Wadii Adi

What Are the Prospects of the Popular Uprising in Lebanon?

On Monday, the Lebanese government resigned after coming under pressure from protesters who took over several ministries the weekend before. France’s Macron and other imperial powers are now trying to save the Lebanese regime by offering millions of euros.

Wadii Adi

August 15, 2020

Working-Class and Immigrant Communities in Paris Rise Up and Riot

Since Sunday, April 20, several working-class suburbs around Paris have been in flames after a man was seriously injured by police in Villeneuve-La-Garenne --- a village just about 9 miles north of Paris’s center --- on Saturday. This spark reveals that the government, with its state of health emergency and repressive confinement measures, is making the inhabitants of working-class neighborhoods pay dearly for the crisis.

Wadii Adi

April 24, 2020