Enough clerical obscurantism. Thousands in the streets to impose approval of the egalitarian marriage law

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  • July 14, 2010

Christian Castillo of the PTS: “It is necessary to say, ‘Enough clerical obscurantism.’ Thousands in the streets to impose approval of the egalitarian marriage law”

(PTS, 12 JUL 2010) Christian Castillo, a national leader of the PTS, pointed out that “the mobilization called for this Tuesday, July 13, by the church against the egalitarian marriage law, is part of an ultra-reactionary campaign, with arguments belonging to the Middle Ages, launched by an institution that covers up for priests who abuse and that was completely an accomplice with the dictatorship. The worst thing of all is that this reactionary institution is supported with government funds. Furthermore, the schools it controls receive lucrative subsidies that we all pay for. We must say, ‘No more clerical obscurantism,’ and separate the church from the state once and for all, by ending religious influence in education, that should be public, secular and free for everyone.”

Castillo also pointed out that “It is necessary that on Wednesday, July 14, thousands of us demonstrate at the Congress in favor of egalitarian marriage. Only in this way will we manage to counterbalance a completely reactionary campaign that includes pressures on parents and children who attend schools controlled by the church. In no way is it possible to trust the senators from the bosses’ parties, that have maintained all the church’s privileges and refuse to promote the right to legal, freely available abortion without cost. Those who talk about ‘civil unions’ are encouraging an intolerable civil apartheid, that would even be a step backwards, compared to existing legislation, since it would block adoption and in vitro fertilization for gay people, which is currently permitted.”

PTS Press Secretariat

Partido de los Trabajadores Socialistas

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