Internationalist Rally in Paris

On December 5, an internationalist rally took place in Paris, amidst an offensive war and a state of emergency. Revolutionary groups from France, Spain and Germany discussed the tasks ahead and celebrated international socialist solidarity.
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  • December 19, 2015

This action occurred despite the difficult conditions imposed by the state of emergency, and only a few days after the arrest of more than 300 activists who participated in a demonstration against COP21 at the Place de la République in Paris. Over 300 people listened to the enthusiastic speeches against imperialist wars and the state of emergency, and for the construction of an anti-imperialist movement in Europe.

Speakers at the rally: Daniela Cobet, a member of the Revolutionary Communist Current (CCR) in the New Anticapitalist Party (NPA); Joe Molina, a laid-off worker from Panrico and a member of Clase contra Clase (Spain); a worker and union representative from Amazon in Berlin; Stefan Schneider from RIO (Germany) and Santiago Lupe from Clase contra Clase (Spain).

English subtitles are available.

Video by Lucho Espinoza González

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