Lear: SMATA union thugs and police beat up the workers


(Gral. Pacheco, 7/29) Today at 8:30 AM the police beat up LEAR Corporation’s workers, who are fighting against 200 layoffs and dismissals. They also face the company’s illegal policy of not allowing the delegates entering the factory, even though the court ordered five times already the workers’ representative should be reinstated. The Buenos Aires Police (commanded by Gov. Daniel Scioli) protect Smata union thugs and so called “workers” so they can ENTER the Lear’s plant.

Rank-and-file delegate Silvio Fanti was arrested, together with other workers and members of organizations, who support workers’ struggle.


Rubén Matu, delegate: (011) 15-5141-1868
María Victoria Moyano, CeProDH: (011) 15 6790-4333
Edgardo Moyano, lawyer / CeProDH: (011) 15 5012-2422

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