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New York Healthcare Workers Demand an Immediate End to the Bombings in Gaza

Rank-and-File healthcare workers in New York City will rally and hold a vigil on November 3 in solidarity with Palestine. They are demanding an immediate end to Israel’s attacks on Gaza that have killed thousands of people, including healthcare workers and their patients, and cut off healthcare and emergency services.

Left Voice

October 29, 2023
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Healthcare workers are demanding an end to Israel’s genocidal campaign in Palestine, protesting in contingents across the world and speaking out against Israel’s bombs and ground strikes that have targeted hospitals, schools, and essential services. They are organizing in cities in every corner of the globe in staunch opposition to the uncritical support given to Israel by the politicians and governments in power and the media that peddles their lies.

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This outpouring of support comes amid a witch hunt and censoring campaign against all those who are critical of Israel and who demand an end to its campaign of destruction in Gaza and across Palestine. Healthcare workers in the United States have reported that they have been fired or reprimanded at their jobs for expressing any support for Palestine or criticism of Israel.

Now, a group of healthcare workers in New York City — NYC Healthcare Workers for Palestine — and Left Voice are organizing a rally and vigil on November 3 to demand “an immediate end to the Israeli military assault on Gaza and attacks in the West Bank” and make “a call to action for healthcare workers around the world to join the fight in solidarity with Palestinians.” Organizing across in their workplaces in hospitals and healthcare facilities across the city, NYC Healthcare Workers for Palestine are using the strength of their collective voices to expand the growing movement of activists, workers, and young people who are outraged by Israel’s brutal assault and occupation of Palestine and the U.S.’s open support for this genocidal campaign.

We publish the full text of the press release for the event below. 

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[New York, NY] – In a powerful display of solidarity, a collective of rank and file healthcare workers will come together in a rally against genocide in Gaza followed by a vigil to mourn the loss of lives in Palestine. This will be a space for healthcare workers to voice their unwavering support for the people of Palestine and to demand an immediate end to the Israeli military assault on Gaza and attacks in the West Bank. This action will also grieve the over 7,000 Palestinians, including over 50 medical workers, killed since October 7th.

This rally, scheduled to take place on November 3rd at 6:00 PM at City Hall Park, will bring together nurses, physicians, psychologists, social workers, doulas, medical and nursing students, assistive personnel, and others from major institutions around the city. Healthcare workers will call for an immediate end to the bombings and of the genocide of Palestinians. The rally and vigil will include speeches, peaceful demonstration of solidarity with Palestinian healthcare workers, a moment to collectively mourn and honor our Palestinian colleagues who have died while serving their patients, a space for sharing of personal stories that highlight the impact of the conflict on healthcare workers and patients alike, and a call to action for healthcare workers around the world to join the fight in solidarity with Palestinians.

Amidst the ongoing genocide of Palestinians in Gaza, the members of this diverse and dedicated group of healthcare workers from across New York City are joining together to collectively denounce the complete siege on Gaza, especially in light of the Gazan Ministry of Health’s declaration of the total collapse of the health system throughout the Gaza Strip. As healthcare professionals dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of all of our patients, we are compelled to speak out on the humanitarian catastrophe occurring in Gaza. We understand the gravity of performing patient care in overcrowded hospitals without the necessary, life-saving fuel, electricity, medicines, and equipment that is so desperately needed in Gaza right now. 

Together, this group of healthcare workers calls for the following:

Solidarity with Palestine: These healthcare workers stand unequivocally with the Palestinian people and demand a free Palestine. They express their unwavering support for the individuals and families affected by the assault on Palestine and emphasize that every human life deserves peace, dignity, and respect.

Immediate End to the Military Assault: These healthcare workers call for an immediate end to the bombings. The indiscriminate assault on Gaza has resulted in the loss of innocent lives and left thousands of people injured, displaced, and unhoused, straining the already fragile healthcare system.

Access to Medical Care in Gaza: Medical workers in Gaza are functioning in a collapsed medical system. Thousands of injured Palestinians are being condemned to die because of the lack of medical resources and basic necessities like food, water, and electricity. We demand an immediate end to the total siege on Gaza and that medical supplies be allowed to enter the region. 

End of the Apartheid State: We demand an end of the 75-year apartheid state that has murdered, displaced, imprisoned, and exploited Palestians since its inception. We demand equal democratic rights and the right of return for all Palestinians. 

No More US Aid to Israel: The US spends 3.3 billion dollars on aid to Israel every year, 99% of which goes to the IDF. And now, US President Biden is proposing $14 billion additional aid to Israel in a joint package. Healthcare workers demand an end to US tax dollars being used for Israeli military funding. 

Free Healthcare for All: Millions of Americans are living with excruciating medical debt or are one healthcare crisis away from homelessness. Still millions of others delay or refuse to seek medical care due to exorbitant costs and lack of insurance. Politicians claim there is never money for healthcare, but there is always money for wars, which we unequivocally reject. Healthcare workers demand that our money fund free national healthcare for all instead of funneling military aid and weapons to Israel. 

No Institutional Retaliation for Support of Palestine: All over the country and in New York City, institutions are targeting pro-Palestine activists. These activists are being harassed and threatened, increasing fear of retaliation. As healthcare workers, we condemn targeted retaliation and firings. We demand immediate reinstatement of all fired workers who have been targeted for supporting Palestine. We also condemn the environment in our healthcare workplaces created to stifle pro-Palestine voices in service of imperialism. We call on our unions to defend their members for speaking out in support of Palestine. 

This rally and vigil is open to the media and the public, and the organizers encourage all medical professionals and concerned citizens to join in supporting an end to the genocide in Gaza. 

For media inquiries or more information, please contact: [email protected]

About NYC Healthcare Workers for Palestine: Healthcare Workers for Palestine is a collective of rank and file healthcare workers across the United States. The New York City chapter is composed of members from various healthcare professions and institutions. We formed in response to the humanitarian crisis occurring in Gaza out of our collective call for a Free Palestine. We call on all healthcare workers to join the movement to call for an end to the bombings and to the 75-year occupation of Palestine. 

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