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Healthcare Workers Are Standing with Palestine

Healthcare workers around the country are taking action to condemn the genocidal policies of Israel as it continues its attacks on Gaza.

Mike Pappas

October 27, 2023
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With over 7,000 Palestinians killed and over 14,000 injured, the humanitarian crisis continues to unfold in Gaza. Some parents have resorted to writing the names of their children on their children’s bodies in fear they will otherwise be unidentifiable if they are killed in a bombing attack. The Healthcare Ministry of Gaza has declared that the healthcare system in the region has completely collapsed and that all hospitals in Gaza will run out of fuel and necessary medical supplies. An AP news report describes the scenes inside of hospitals a “nightmare.” Hospitals report running out of basic items like pain medications, antibiotics, bandages, and antiseptics. Healthcare workers are being forced to use vinegar to clean wounds and use sewing needles to close wounds instead of using surgical needles. Hospitals do not have fuel to keep incubators running to keep infants alive. Multiple hospitals have been bombed as Israel continues to target healthcare facilities and infrastructure leading those that can stay open to being even more crowded. For example, per the AP’s report, “Shifa Hospital — with a maximum capacity of 700 people — is treating 5,000 people, general director Mohammed Abu Selmia says.”

In the context of this ongoing humanitarian and health crisis, healthcare workers around the world are showing their solidarity with Palestinians, despite threats of retaliation from their  institutions. Healthcare workers, who take oaths to “do no harm” and work to maintain individual and public health, can no longer sit idly as Israel creates a health crisis in Gaza with the backing of the United States. Healthcare workers gained immense public trust and support globally while fighting the pandemic and they are using their positions to rise up and speak out on behalf of Palestine. They see Israel’s project for what it is, one of colonization and genocide, which anyone who claims to care about health or justice must stand against. 

Below are some of the most recent examples of healthcare workers standing with Palestine.

In New York City, healthcare workers organized a contingent (including physicians, nurses, medical students, and medical technicians) to march with Within Our Lifetime’s “Flood Brooklyn for Palestine” rally as part of a national day of action for Gaza.

Healthcare workers from New York also recently published a statement, republished here, in solidarity with Palestine.

Healthcare workers in NYC also released a sign-on statement calling for a ceasefire and an end to the genocide in Gaza. 

A call to global health professionals was just submitted and pending publication to one of the world’s most prestigious medical journals, The Lancet. 

In Chicago, healthcare workers marched as part of a national day of action for Gaza.

Harvard medical students, residents, and attending physicians held a vigil to call attention to the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

In Los Angeles, healthcare workers joined protests calling for an end to the ongoing genocide.

In Germany, healthcare workers wrote a statement against the genocidal war in Gaza.

In the coming days, there are actions and vigils planned around the U.S. healthcare workers in NYC (insert details here). In Houston, a call has been placed to medical professionals to stand with Gaza at a vigil scheduled for October 27th at 4pm. 

As healthcare workers continue to take action around the globe against the ongoing genocide, we plan to continue adding photo documentation to this page. If you have additional photos, please send them to us at [email protected]

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Mike Pappas

Mike is an activist and medical doctor working in New York City.

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