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Notre Dame: The Cathedral Burned Down, Not the Church

The Catholic Church is one of the most reactionary institutions in the world. So as the historic cathedral burned in Paris, a well-known anticlerical phrase swept through social media: “The only church that illuminates is the one that burns.” Given the incredible hypocrisy of the capitalists and war criminals who are now pledging to rebuild the church, this sentiment is easy to understand. Nonetheless, the fire represents a great loss of culture and heritage. To think otherwise means forgetting key elements of working-class history.

Óscar Fernández

April 25, 2019

Thou Shalt Not Abuse: The Commandment Denied by the Church of Pope Francis

The documentary "Thou Shalt Not Abuse ..." addresses the abuse scandals of Catholic priests as well as the system used to conceal the abuse created and implemented by the Vatican throughout the 20th century. The documentary also addresses the struggle of the victims over the years.

Left Voice

January 19, 2018