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Emmanuel Macron

Massive Mobilizations in France Unveil Macron’s Weakness

Mobilizations across France by railway workers and students gain momentum in the fight against Macron’s attempts to liberalize the economy.

Juan Chingo

April 18, 2018

French President Passes Labor Reform Despite Wide Opposition

Today the French President signed executive orders that will profoundly affect the life of millions of workers. Without blinking an eye, Emmanuel Macron is profoundly transforming labor legislation for the benefit of the very few members of his class.

Marianne Madoré

September 22, 2017

The French Election and the Crisis of the Fifth Republic

Marine Le Pen won 34.2% of the votes, 12% of the votes were left blank, and there was the overall highest abstention since 1969. Trump congratulated Macron on twitter.

Ximena Goldman

May 18, 2017