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G20: The Debt Solution

The G20 summit took place virtually this past weekend, with the G20 leaders discussing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the world economy. What does this mean for the current debt crisis? The following article was originally posted on Michael Roberts’ blog, “The Next Recession.”

Michael Roberts

November 25, 2020

VIDEO: Live From Hamburg

Repression and brave resistance on last day of protest against the G20 Summit.

Nathaniel Flakin

July 8, 2017

VIDEO: Live From the G20 Summit

The anti-G-20 march entitled “Welcome to Hell” was organized by various anti-capitalist groups, leftists and social movements across Europe. They began on Thursday and have continued today, the first day of the G-20 meeting of major world leaders.

Nathaniel Flakin

July 7, 2017