Green Party

Why I Didn’t Vote for Biden

A Left Voice editor gives a personal account of her own decision not to vote for Joe Biden, or Howie Hawkins, or any other candidate running on the ticket of a bourgeois party. 

In Debate: A Socialist’s Case for Howie Hawkins

As part of our ongoing analysis of the U.S. Green Party, guest writer John Palmucci offers a counter to Ezra Brain’s Left Voice article: “A Socialist Case Against Howie Hawkins and the Green Party.” Palmucci argues that most criticisms of the Green Party do not apply to its presidential candidate, Howie Hawkins and that socialists should have no qualms with voting for him.

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A Socialist Case Against Howie Hawkins and the Green Party

Howie Hawkins, a former UPS worker, Teamster and a committed leftist, is the presidential candidate of the Green Party. He promises eco-socialism — but the Green Party, even with a left candidate, is not a socialist alternative to the two parties of capital.