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Pan y Rosas

Mexican Police Fire Live Rounds at Femicide Protesters

In Cancún, Mexico, the police opened fire on 2,000 demonstrators who had gathered at the City Hall to protest against the latest instance of femicide. Here, we republish a statement by the socialist feminist group Pan y Rosas.

Pan y Rosas

November 10, 2020

Women on the Front Lines of the Health Crisis and the Fight Against Patriarchal and Racist Capitalism!

100 Days of the Covid-19 Pandemic: International Manifesto of the Feminist, Socialist, and Revolutionary Group Pan y Rosas (Bread and Roses)

Left Voice

June 21, 2020

In a World Full of Crisis, the Women’s Movement Prepares to Take the Streets

Protests, marches and strikes for International Women’s Day are being organized in a world marked by pronounced divisions.

Celeste Murillo

March 8, 2019

Over 1,600 Attend Talks by Socialist Feminist Andrea D’Atri across Europe

Andrea D'Atri, a feminist and socialist from Argentina, the founder of the women's organization "Pan y Rosas", has been touring Europe for three weeks. Meetings in Rome, Munich, Madrid, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Paris attracted over 1,600 people. This Saturday, she concluded her tour with a meeting in Berlin.

Stefan Schneider

February 23, 2019

Abortion Rights in Argentina: A Grassroots Fight in the Streets

The vote in Argentina’s national congress tonight will decide the question of the legality of abortion in the country. Due to significant public pressure from mass mobilizations in the streets, the politicians may find their hands are forced and vote to make abortion legal. This movement provides an important model for the international left.

Katherine Demby

August 8, 2018

[Photo Gallery] The Fight for Abortion in Argentina

Women took the streets again in front of the Congress to fight for their rights.

Enfoque Rojo

August 8, 2018

Lessons from the Struggle for Abortion Rights in Argentina

What can we learn from the fight for the right to an abortion as socialist feminists?

Madeleine Freeman

August 8, 2018

[VIDEO] Fighting for Abortion Rights in the Streets of Argentina

We will be skyping with two socialist feminists from Argentina about how they have engaged in the struggle. Nathalia González Seligra is a member of Congress for the Left and Workers Front and a part of the Partido de Trabajadores Socialistas (Party of Socialist Workers). Andrea D'Atri is the founder of Pan y Rosas (Bread and Roses) the largest socialist feminist organization in Argentina, as well as a member of the PTS.

Left Voice

August 1, 2018

Fight the Boss, Fight Sexism: An International Socialist Example

With so many powerful and wealthy politicians and celebrities being exposed as sexual predators, there is a growing movement of people coming forward about sexual assault and harassment. But how can we win? We, the working class and oppressed, must take an active role in this struggle.

Julia Wallace

November 25, 2017