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We Need Socialist Feminism. Join Bread & Roses

Faced with reactionary attacks from the Right and increasing economic and political crisis, we urgently need a feminism that fights for all the oppressed and exploited. We need a feminism that harnesses our power as those who make society run to fight for a better future. We need socialist feminism. Join Left Voice in building Bread & Roses today.

Left Voice

June 24, 2022
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Image: Luigi Morris

Neoliberal, imperialist feminism has nothing to offer women, LGBTQ+ people, people of color, or any oppressed group. It is a dead-end strategy used to justify the continued exploitation and oppression of hundreds of millions of people in the United States and across the globe.

To confront the injustices and attacks we face in a context of increasing capitalist crisis, we need a feminism that is not subjugated to an inherently patriarchal, violent, racist, and wholly oppressive system designed to put the profits of a few over the needs of the vast majority. We need a feminism that is international and anti-imperialist. We need a feminism that harnesses our power as workers, those who make society run and who can shut it down — from the factory floor to the classroom — to fight for the liberation of all peoples and for a society free from exploitation and oppression.

It’s up to us to build the fight for a socialist feminism. It’s up to us to fight for a society in which every material need is met, but also that guarantees the right to free time, to art, to self-realization, and pleasure. To echo the rallying cry of the feminists who came before us, we want bread for all, but we demand roses, too. Left Voice invites you to join us in that struggle, as part of an international network of socialist feminist organizations at the forefront of the struggle against exploitation and oppression around the world.

Sign up here to fight for a renewed, combative, socialist feminism.

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Gender & Sexuality

A Socialist Take on the Women’s March Convention

In mid August over 1,700 activists attended the Women’s March Convention in Houston Texas. While the participants were driven by rage at the status quo, the non-profit and corporate leaders of the Women’s March offered only a failed strategy of voting for the Democrats and supporting “progressive” capitalists.

Tatiana Cozzarelli

September 16, 2022

NYPD Violently Arrest 5 Abortion Rights Activists at a Clinic Defense

On Saturday, five people were violently arrested protecting abortion access in NYC, while NYPD protected anti-choicers attempting to harass patients.

Molly Rosenzweig

August 6, 2022

In a Backlash Against Dobbs, Kansas Votes Overwhelmingly to Protect Abortion

Kansans have overwhelmingly voted to protect abortion rights in their state. This is a huge rejection of the anti-democratic Dobbs decision by the tyrannical Supreme Court.

Tatiana Cozzarelli

August 2, 2022

How We Won Abortion Rights

Abortion rights were recently won in Argentina, Mexico, and Chile. Socialist feminists organized in Pan y Rosas explain how they did it.

Left Voice

July 17, 2022


Woman holds a yellow sign that says "Nueva constitucion" in black text and another person is holding a yellow sign behind her that reads "No violencia clasista"

‘Boric Has Strengthened the Right-Wing Opposition’: Interview with a Chilean Socialist

In Chile, the illusion of winning the battle against neoliberalism in parliament has been shattered. We interviewed Chilean socialist Dauno Totoro about the recent rejection of a proposed constitution and the need to fight for a revolutionary, internationalist, and socialist Left.

Left Voice

September 25, 2022
Italian far-right leader Giorgia Meloni gives a speech, an Italian flag covers the podium

Elections in Italy amid Political Crisis: Interview with an Italian Socialist

The right wing is expected to win in Italy’s snap elections on Sunday. An Italian socialist explains the origins of the current political crisis, the rise of the right wing, and the tasks for the Left.

Left Voice

September 21, 2022
Detroit protesters hold green banner that says "DTE" Affordable Renewable Energy Now

Detroiters Say ‘Hell No!’ to DTE’s Proposed Electricity Rate Hike

Detroiters are confronting regulators who are deciding whether private utilities can extract more profits from the working class during energy, inflation, housing, and climate crises.

Lee Palmer

September 20, 2022

Say Her Name! Protests Erupt across Iran after Police Murder of Mahsa Amini

Iran has erupted over the death of a young woman in police custody for "improperly" wearing the hijab. In the context of a deep economic and political crisis, Iranians are also questioning their deeply unpopular regime and its brutal oppression of women.

Maryam Alaniz

September 20, 2022