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Christopher Baum

Chris is a freelance writer and musician. His work has appeared in Socialist Worker, Skeptic Jacobin.com, and Truthout.org. He lives in Brooklyn.

Governor Cuomo Calls For Medicaid Cuts in Midst of Pandemic

New York governor Andrew Cuomo wants to cut the state’s Medicaid spending by $400 million in the next year. His long-standing dream of neoliberal healthcare “reform” is alive and well, even in the midst of a global pandemic that has brought New York City to the brink of disaster.

Christopher Baum

March 21, 2020

Lenin, Kautsky, and the State

Did Lenin ever really break with Karl Kautsky? Lars Lih says no. But Lenin was clear about the need for the working class to smash the bourgeois state.

Christopher Baum

July 20, 2019