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Kate Frey

An Introduction to Trotsky’s Theory of Permanent Revolution

First introduced over a hundred years ago, Leon Trotsky’s theory of Permanent Revolution remains a vital tool for understanding the world today. The theory shows that only the working class can lead a socialist revolution, and is an antidote to many who now claim that we can rely on bourgeois forces to take us half way there.

Kate Frey

September 22, 2020

Imperialism is Not an Essential Service: Bath Iron Workers on Strike

Over 4,000 shipyard workers are on strike at the Bath Iron Works facility in Maine. These workers, who directly supply the U.S. military, have a strategic power far beyond their numbers and deserve the active solidarity of the entire working class.

Kate Frey

July 6, 2020

Antoinette Konikow: Pioneering Fighter for Women’s Rights and Socialism

Antoinette Konikow (1869-1946) was a pioneering socialist feminist, advocate for women’s reproductive autonomy, and a founding member of the Socialist Party of America, the Communist Party, and then the U.S. Trotskyist movement. Sadly, today she is little known and underappreciated, though she deserves wider recognition.

Kate Frey

March 26, 2018

“A Very Stable Genius”: A Review of Fire and Fury

Michael Wolff’s new book gives a vivid description of the moving pieces within the Trump administration and the resulting total lack of internal stability.

Kate Frey

March 4, 2018

‘Free Speech’ for the Alt-Right?

This past November, the Alt-Right held a protest for “free speech” on Boston Common, with the moniker “Rally for the Republic.”

Kate Frey

December 16, 2017