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Labor Movement

Las mujeres en la primera línea de la sindicalización en el hotel Stamford Hilton

Hablamos con mujeres sobre su lucha por la sindicalización en el Hilton Hotel.

Disposable Labor: the plight of an undocumented worker in NYC

There are an estimated half million undocumented immigrants in New York City and 11 million nationally. This a story of a workday under those conditions.

Oscar Vega

May 21, 2018

[VIDEO] Hilton Workers Launch Boycott

Hilton Stamford workers are fighting for a contract. They voted overwhemingly for a boycott to force the company to give them what they deserve. Support the Boycott! Join the next picket!

Left Voice

May 16, 2018

[VIDEO] Support the Hotel Hilton Boycott!

They are fighting for a new contract, and they need your solidarity. The workers voted overwhelmingly for the boycott of their hotel to force the disrespectful bosses to sign a fair contract.

Left Voice

May 9, 2018

UC Service Workers on Strike

Monday, May 7th through Wednesday, May 9th, service workers and patient care providers at the University of California are striking after the UC administration failed to agree to a fair contract.

Emma Schuster

May 9, 2018

Columbia Grad Workers Strike the Ivy League

Columbia graduate student workers are on strike. What is the way forward?

Thaddeus Greene

April 30, 2018

Strike Vote at CUNY Graduate Center

Members of the Professional Staff Congress at the CUNY Graduate Center voted to strike if the administration refuses to pay adjuncts $7k per course.

Left Voice

April 27, 2018

Rebellion in the Southwest: Interview with a Striking Arizona Teacher

Left Voice interviews an Arizona teacher on their walkout, which begins on Thursday.

Left Voice

April 26, 2018

Graduate Student-workers Push for ‘$7k or Strike’ at CUNY

On Thursday, April 26, adjuncts, professors and graduate assistants at CUNY will vote on whether to endorse a strike if their demand of $7,000 pay per course is not met by university management.

Left Voice

April 25, 2018