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US Solidarity with PepsiCo Workers

Over 250 organizations, workers and students in the United States support the struggle of PepsiCo workers in Argentina.

Left Voice

July 12, 2017

PepsiCo Workers Threatened with Violent Eviction

Helicopters and police cars circle the PepsiCo factory where workers are fighting for their jobs.

Left Voice

July 11, 2017

No Bread for Our Children, No Peace for Our Bosses

Camilo Mones is a PepsiCo worker, member of the shop-floor committee within the factory and leader of the Bordó opposition caucus of the Food Industry Workers' Union (STIA).

Camilo Mones

July 8, 2017

Sign Petition in Solidarity with Workers Occupying PepsiCo Factory

Sign the petition to support Argentine PepsiCo workers who are occupying their factory in defense of their jobs!

Left Voice

July 7, 2017

ARGENTINA: Action in Solidarity with PepsiCo Workers

PepsiCo workers, students, and other sectors of the working class blocked a road in the center of Buenos Aires as part of the fight against the firing 600 PepsiCo workers.

Mira Craig-Morse

July 5, 2017

VIDEO: Action in Support of PepsiCo Workers

Solidarity road block with PepsiCo workers who are currently occupying their factory in defense of their jobs.

Left Voice

July 5, 2017

Solidarity with PepsiCo Workers!

Six hundred PepsiCo workers in Argentina have been fired and their factory was closed. They are currently occupying the factory, despite lack of support from the union.

Leo Zino

July 1, 2017

Workers Occupy Factory to Keep their Jobs with PepsiCo

600 workers who were fired by PepsiCo are taking matters into their own hands and occupying the factory in Buenos Aires.

Mira Craig-Morse

June 29, 2017

Boycott Pepsi Products in Solidarity with Argentine Workers!

Workers at a PepsiCo factory in Argentina occupied the factory to protect their jobs. Send photos in support and boycott PepsiCo and Lay's products!

Left Voice

June 28, 2017