White Supremacists

Donald Trump (left) and Joe Biden (right) juxtaposed next to each other, each in the middle of speaking with their right hand raised. They are both wearing black suits with red ties.

Presidential Debate #1: The Squabbles of Capital

The first presidential debate, for all its drama and chaos, showed that there are actually very few political differences between the two candidates. While it is certainly alarming to watch Donald Trump continue his increasingly overt overtures to the far right, we must understand that it is the working class, not Joe Biden, that has the power to fight back against the far-right.

Trump Emboldens White Supremacists in Oregon

This weekend, white supremacists held another Trump rally in Oregon. They beat up Black Lives Matter protesters and spoke about shooting Democratic Party politicians. With Trump emboldening the far right, how can we stop them?

Justice for James Scurlock, Killed by Racist White Vigilante

James Scurlock, a 22 year old protestor, was murdered at the hands of a white bar owner during the protests in Omaha, Nebraska. The Police force is complicit in encouraging white vigilante violence and has yet to charge the murderer.

Ahmaud Arbery and White Vigilante Violence

Ahmaud Arbery, a Black man, was murdered by white vigilantes while jogging in Late February. His death is part of a sustained campaign of terror and violence against Black people in the United States, carried on for centuries by agents of the settler capitalist state and their white civilian allies.

Woke Cop-aganda? HBO’s Watchmen’s Hits and Misses

The HBO series Watchmen makes some accurate observations about American racism going back a century, but it ultimately fails to reflect the central nature of the relationship between class, race, and the role of police in present-day America. Despite this weakness, the series inadvertently warns against the idea that individual heroism can replace the strength of organized fightback. Warning: spoilers abound!

Trump at the Precipice?

The firing of Steve Bannon from his post as Chief Strategist represents a victory for John Kelly and offers the possibility of imposing order between the various factions that surround the president. But is it too late?

Boston Fights Back Against White Supremacy

Just a week after Charlottesville, over 40,000 counter-protesters took to the streets in Boston, greatly outnumbering the 50 attendees at the “Free Speech Rally” organized by a group with white supremacists affiliation.