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Ernie Gotta

Three More Starbucks Stores Vote to Unionize in Buffalo, New York

Three more Starbucks stores in Buffalo, New York have voted to unionize. The organizing drive is capturing the imagination of workers across the country.

Ernie Gotta

March 11, 2022

Nationwide Strike Round-up: Steelworkers, Nurses, and Auto Workers

A round-up of actions across the United States by steelworkers, nurses, and auto workers striking for health care, wage increases, safe staffing, and better contracts.

Ernie Gotta

May 2, 2021

Nationwide Mobilizations Support Organizing Drive by Amazon Workers in Alabama

As the historic Amazon union vote continues in Alabama, workers and socialists across the country are showing their support.

Ernie Gotta

February 28, 2021

Workers Protest Layoffs at Sheraton Stamford Hotel

Workers at Sheraton Stamford Hotel were recently laid off after the hotel was sold. These workers are now protesting hotel owners who have offered them nothing in the middle of an economic crisis.

Ernie Gotta

October 29, 2020

Connecticut Hotel Workers Fight Corporate Reopening

Hotel workers across Connecticut are protesting the state's reopening measures, which endanger workers' health and livelihoods in the middle of the ongoing pandemic. Members of Local 217 Unite Here delivered a set of demands to the governor's office in Hartford this week to say they won't risk their lives to protect hotel owners' profits.

Ernie Gotta

June 18, 2020

¡Triunfo! Trabajadores del hotel Hilton en Stamford votaron “sí” formar un sindicato

Trabajadores del Hotel Hilton Stamford votaron abrumadoramente a favor de formar un sindicato. Con 110 votos a favor y solo cinco en contra, fue un gran triunfo que fortalece a los 120 trabajadores y les da la posibilidad de un mejor futuro.

Ernie Gotta

December 24, 2017

Victory! Hilton Workers in Stamford, CT Vote “Yes,” Form Union

Workers at the Hilton Stamford Hotel voted overwhelmingly today in favor of forming a union. With 110 for and only five against, it was a great victory for workers power and a better future for over 120 workers.

Ernie Gotta

December 4, 2017