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What a Bernie Sanders Presidency Would Really Look Like

As Sanders continues to outperform his rivals in the polls, it's increasingly possible that the senator from Vermont could actually win the Democratic Primary and even the general election. But what would a Sanders presidency look like? And what challenges and opportunities would it present for the revolutionary Left?

James Dennis Hoff

February 3, 2020

Not on Our Side: On Bernie Sanders and Imperialism

Bernie Sanders presents himself as an anti-war candidate. But he has voted in favor of almost every single U.S. military intervention in the last two decades. A look at his record…

Doug Enaa Greene

June 18, 2019

Bernie Sanders Versus Open Borders

Sanders is against open borders. What does this mean for socialists?

Tatiana Cozzarelli

April 9, 2019

Could Bernie Sanders win?

The Democratic establishment is freaking out over the idea that an ultra-liberal outsider could win the primaries–no less than the Republicans are freaked out with Trump and Cruz’s lead in polls.

Juan C

January 28, 2016

Does Bernie Sanders Represent the U.S. Left?

Growing international discontent with the political caste system has found its way to the United States. There, though a far cry from the political earthquakes that have shaken several countries in Europe, the alarm bells are still sounding. What challenges do the left face in light of the Bernie Sanders phenomenon?

Celeste Murillo

November 11, 2015

Revisting Lenin’s “What is to be Done?” After Bernie Sanders

There are a lot of reasons to ask ourselves "what is to be done?" The coronavirus pandemic, the economic crisis and the failure of the Sanders campaign have many socialists reaching for Lenin's classic. Here is a reflection on his classic text.

Tatiana Cozzarelli

April 22, 2020

Bernie Sanders, Cuba and a Chance for Socialists

Bernie Sanders’ measured comments about Cuba have sent the liberal and not-so-liberal media into an anti-communist tailspin. What their comments reveal is not a fear of authoritarianism but the threat that socialism poses to capitalist interests.

Jimena Vergara

February 28, 2020

Bernie Sanders’ McGovern Problems

For mainstream Democrats, self-declared democratic socialist Bernie Sanders brings up haunting memories of George McGovern’s failed 1972 presidential campaign. What are the dynamics and the dangers of his candidacy?

Wayne Deluca

February 18, 2020

Should the DSA Endorse Bernie Sanders?: A Socialist Feminist Debate

Socialist Feminists in New York discuss whether or not the DSA should endorse Bernie Sanders.

Left Voice

March 13, 2019

Debate: The Left and Bernie Sanders

Left activists and intellectuals debate whether the American left should support Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign.

Cihan Aksan

March 5, 2019