The Struggle Is Real: Educator Faces School Reopening

Schools and universities across the U.S. are currently preparing their reopening plans for the fall in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. An educator named Josie shares a testimonial on the difficult position many families and educators are in when it comes to schools reopening.

Red (State) Zone: Back to School in Trump Country

School boards are preparing to send teachers, students, and staff back to school even in states that are experiencing a daily rise in Covid-19 cases. A high school teacher in Tennessee explains how her school reopening plan ignores CDC safety guidelines and fails to provide PPE to staff, as well as the challenges of fighting back in a Right to Work state.

CUNY Cuts One Quarter of Part-Time Instructional Staff, Hundreds Lose Health Insurance

After weeks of uncertainty, CUNY has finally confirmed how many part-time workers will lose their health insurance this fall due to layoffs and reductions in hours and is expected to announce the number of total layoffs in the coming days. The Professional Staff Congress must build a strike to protect its most vulnerable members.