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Hotel Sheraton

Sheraton, No Layoffs!

The Stamford Sheraton plans to cut departments and lay off workers. But the workers are fighting back.

Ioan Georg

October 22, 2019

Trabajadores del Hotel Sheraton Stamford logran la sindicalización

A pesar de una furiosa campaña anti sindical realizada por la gerencia; los trabajadores y trabajadoras votaron a favor de unirse a UNITE HERE.

Thaddeus Greene

December 15, 2018

Sheraton Workers in Stamford Win Union Recognition

Despite a rabid anti-union campaign by the management, Stamford Sheraton workers voted in favor of joining UNITE-HERE.

Thaddeus Greene

December 14, 2018

[VIDEO] Stamford Sheraton Workers are Fighting for a Union!

After the overwhelming victory by the workers of the Stamford Hilton, the workers of the Sheraton have joined the fight!

Left Voice

November 20, 2018