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“We Are Not Going to Settle For Crap:” Interview with a St. Paul Teacher On the Twin Cities’ Strike Vote

A Saint Paul middle school teacher, who has become famous for sharing videos on Tik Tok about her experience as a teacher, discusses a possible strike of Minneapolis and Saint Paul teachers’ unions to demand better working and learning conditions. If both unions vote to strike it would be their first time ever striking together.

Left Voice

February 17, 2022

Amir Locke: Murdered by Minneapolis Cops Within Nine Seconds, on a No-Knock Warrant

Amir Locke’s murder by Minneapolis cops, even after recent guilty verdicts for killer cops, shows that the racist institution of policing cannot be reformed. It must be dismantled.

Adnan Ahmed

February 5, 2022

Help Journalist Carlos Broun Cover His $5,000 Fine for Documenting Derek Chauvin’s Trial

Journalist and filmmaker Carlos Broun has been compelled to pay a fine of $5,000 for documenting and broadcasting the events in the city of Minneapolis during the trial for the murder of George Floyd.

Left Voice

February 2, 2022

Private Cops in Uptown Minneapolis — Another Tool to Maintain the Racist-Capitalist System

Citizen’s arrest laws—a relic of colonial times—exist in all 50 states and were created to help catch slaves when Black people were considered property. Recently, private cops hired by the Seven Points Uptown shopping mall arrested activists in Uptown, Minneapolis. Laws and legality in bourgeois society function to maintain the racist-capitalist status quo. We must kick all cops, private or not, out of our communities and unions.

Adnan Ahmed

July 22, 2021

A Woke Mural and Black Dolls: How Target Hides Its Racism

Target used empty antiracist gestures in reopening its East Lake Street store in Minneapolis, which was damaged during the George Floyd uprising. But featuring a woke mural and selling Black dolls will not hide its role in violent racist policing.

Adnan Ahmed

July 8, 2021

Operation Safety Net: Safety for the Ruling Class, Trauma for the Masses

In a city with more than 3,000 National Guard soldiers, protesters defy the militarization and protest racism, police brutality, and the increasing presence of repressive forces.

Adnan Ahmed

April 20, 2021

Minneapolis Suburb Defies Curfew after Police Murder Daunte Wright

Demonstrators in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota defied the 7 p.m. curfew yesterday to protest the police murder of Daunte Wright.

Adnan Ahmed

April 13, 2021

Not Just One Bad Apple: Another Man of Color Was Murdered By Police Outside of Minneapolis

Police in Minnesota shot and killed Daunte Wright Sunday afternoon. As protesters gathered, the police shot at them with rubber bullets. There is no reforming the racist, murderous police.

Left Voice

April 11, 2021

“Yes 4 Minneapolis”: Reforming an Uprising, but Not the Police

Minneapolis voters now may have a few different police-reform options to consider in the upcoming city elections in November. Despite promises to dismantle the Police Department, the proposals on the table will do nothing to stop police violence.

Adnan Ahmed

April 5, 2021