The Established Parties Can’t Stop the Shift to the Right

This Sunday, 61.5 million people in Germany are called on to elect a new parliament. A greater share of the population than ever before, however, lacks the basic democratic right to vote for the (...)

Wladek Flakin


MEXICO: Solidarity Amongst the Rubble


St. Louis Protests Against Police Impunity


Workers’ Control Under Capitalism

Sonja Krieger


Brazilian Federal Court Allows "Conversion Therapy" for LGBT People

Victor Mariutti


Trump’s America First Imperialism

On Tuesday, Trump gave a speech to the United Nations outlining the new axis of evil. Despite a stress on national sovereignty, Trump's real message for the world was to put US interests (...)

Tatiana Cozzarelli


Historic Earthquake Shakes Mexico

An urgent action has been called by Section 22 of the Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación (CNTE) to organize relief brigades for the regions devastated by last night’s (...)

Tre Kwon


[VIDEO] New York City Joins to Demand, Where Is Santiago Maldonado?

New York City joins thousands around the world to demand, where is Santiago Maldonado?


From Social Democracy to World War

Jimena Vergara

In his NYT op-ed, Jacobin's Bhaskar Sunkara makes a key omission— ignoring the important experience of workers' democracy created by the soviets and the Left Opposition's struggle against (...)

US Politics

Noam Chomsky and Chris Hedges Are Wrong - Antifa and Nazis Are Not the Same

Isaac Russo


Harvey’s Victims: Prisoners Drink Toilet Water in a Fight to Survive Under Lockdown

Inmates in Texas experience flooding and lack of food and water. They are drinking toilet water while under lockdown and two prisoners were reported dead. Left Voice interviews Rachel, whose (...)


Venezuela: Crisis Worsens After Controversial Election of the Constituent Assembly and Sanctions by the US

Mira Craig-Morse


DSA Votes for BDS, Reparations, and Out of the Socialist International

Juan Cruz Ferre


Palestine, Marxists and the "One-State Solution"

Wladek Flakin

Trump suggested that he may abandon plans for a "two-state solution." For decades, US foreign police has aimed to create a Palestinian state. But even before Trump's remarks, this solution was (...)


Nissan Battle: White Supremacy and Anti-Unionism Go Hand in Hand

Nissan uses race baiting and threats to try to stop workers from unionizing.

Julia Wallace


The Piquetero Movement and the Left

The Partido Obrero of Argentina (Workers’ Party) recently published an astonishing article in its newspaper Prensa Obrera (Workers’ Press).This article has revived a long-standing debate about the (...)

Lucho Aguilar


A Left Rooted in the Working Class - Interview with Kim Moody

Kim Moody speaks about the changing nature of the production process and the challenges for the left to build militant rank-and-file organizations in key points of (...)

Kim Moody


Let’s Build an International Revolutionary Movement

The return of imperialist nationalism has made the development of proletarian internationalism and anti-imperialism increasingly urgent.

Trotskyist Fraction



Solidarity with Ni Una Menos at Left Forum

On Saturday in Buenos Aires, thousands of people marched in the Ni Una Menos protests. In New York City, participants in the Left Forum took photos in (...)




A Left Rooted in the Working Class - Interview with Kim Moody



Solidarity with PepsiCo Workers!



Watch “Marx is Back”, Episode 3: State and Revolution



Watch "Marx is Back", Episode 2: The Market and the Capitalist Crisis


A Marxist Critique of John Dewey: The Limits of Progressive Education

Tatiana Cozzarelli

John Dewey’s Progressive Education is the centerpiece of the field of educational studies, forming the basis for writers like Paulo Freire. However, Dewey does not see that modern teacher centered (...)


The Rise of the Revolutionary Left in Argentina

In the global context of the advance of the right wing and proliferation of neoreformism, a new revolutionary left is growing in Argentina.

Juan Cruz Ferre
Marisela Trevin

Arts & Culture

Manifesto for an Independent Revolutionary Art

n 1938, André Breton and Leon Trotsky worked together on this manifesto. The final version was signed by André Breton and Diego Rivera.

André Breton
Diego Rivera
Leon Trotsky


Fight Trump, Keep Dems at Bay: The Case Against a Popular Front

If we want long term gains for the working class, we need to avoid the trap of the Democratic Party.

Juan Cruz Ferre
Ariane Fischer

Lanzan petición para postergar regreso a clases en la UNAM

Ante la indolencia de las autoridades universitarias al querer reanudar clases este lunes 25, miles de firmas exigen postergar el regreso a (...)

Mara Castilla ¡No te olvidamos!

El terremoto en México no derrumbó la violencia contra las mujeres, seguiremos luchando contra los feminicidios y las violencias machistas. Dos (...)

El terremoto y el repudio popular al gobierno de Peña Nieto y “los de arriba”

El terremoto de 7.1 y el 19S despertaron una solidaridad inmensa en México. Pero también mostraron el repudio popular a la “clase política”. Uno de (...)

Panteras negras de la UAM: donde hay organización, hay esperanza

Tomando descanso apenas para dormir y asearse, miles de jóvenes continúan recorriendo las zonas de desastre, llevando acopio y apoyando en las (...)