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Labor Movement

The Problem of Reformism

Revolutionaries have classically rejected the reformists’ political method of relying on the electoral/legislative process and the capitalist state. Here is why.

Robert Brenner

August 20, 2018

Burns, Broken Fingers and Low Wages: Building the LA Rams Stadium in Mexico

The Los Angeles Rams will soon have a new $4 billion football stadium, which will host the Super Bowl in 2020 and the Olympic Games in 2028. Parts of the stadium are being built some 1,240 miles away in the town of Salto, in the Mexican state of Jalisco.

Octavio Mesa

August 15, 2018

Disney Workers Win Battle for Increased Starting Wage

After months of struggle, 10,000 Disney workers in California won a $15 an hour starting wage and improved working conditions.

Left Voice

August 10, 2018

Universal Basic Income: A Capitalist Fix to the Evils of Capitalism?

Supporters of Universal Basic Income (UBI) either entertain illusions in a top-down palliative measure for the miseries of capitalism or look for an impossible shortcut for organizing the working class.

Esteban Mercatante

August 7, 2018

South Korean Communication Workers Strike Against Casualized Labor

Sixteen hundred South Korean workers are on strike against SK Broadband as part of a struggle against irregular jobs and low wages. They demand job security, safe workplace and living wages.

Left Voice

July 31, 2018

Over 160 dockworkers face dismissal in the Port of Buenos Aires

Around 160 dockworkers in the Port of Buenos Aires, Argentina have been handed telegrams advising them of their impending dismissal from Terminales Río de la Plata (TRP). In response, workers have established a protest camp outside the terminal gates, and a process of government-mediated compulsory conciliation has begun.

Sean Robertson

July 27, 2018

Canadian Trotskyism and the Legacy of James P. Cannon

photo James Patrick Cannon, SWP (Socialist Workers Party) local New York Revolutionary socialists in Canada and the United States began organizing a revolutionary workers’ party around the same time. This occurred in the wake of World War I. The new organizations adopted the name Communist Party, in solidarity with the leading force in the Russian […]

Barry Weisleder

July 27, 2018

All Strikes of Public Sector Workers are Now Political Strikes

Left Voice speaks with Marxist labor historian Nelson Lichtenstein on the lessons of the Teachers’ Spring and the signs of a resurgent labor movement in the U.S.

Nelson Lichtenstein

July 12, 2018

[VIDEO] Hilton Stamford Boycott

The Hilton Boycott is gathering steam with more and more groups refusing to use the hotel until the workers have won the contract they demand. Support Hilton workers!

Left Voice

July 10, 2018