The “Lesser Evil” Is Here, and Kids Are Still in Cages

The Biden administration’s promises of a softened stance on immigration are proving hollow, as the Department of Health and Human Services reopens a formerly shuttered detention camp for unaccompanied migrant children

Open the Borders for the Migrant Caravan

About 10,000 people are in transit from the south of Mexico. They are fleeing poverty and violence in their countries of origin to try to reach the United States, while Trump continues to spout xenophobic threats, and face deportation and repression by the Central American and Mexican governments. We must reach out in solidarity to our migrant brothers.

Global Perspectives: Crisis and Class Struggle

In March, 2018, delegations from 16 different countries met in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the 11th Conference of the Trotskyist Fraction for the Fourth International (FT). This is the fourth and final part of the Document on the International Situation.

The Struggle of Refugees and Palestinians is One

In place of the cynical attempts of Zionist politicians to promise jobs to one group at the expense of the other, Palestinians and Africans could fight together for a better future for all.

‘This Is Our Cry’: Refugees on Strike in Germany

In Deggendorf, Germany, refugees from Sierra Leone have been on a “closed-door” strike, refusing to participate in the camp’s life and activities since December 15. The protest was followed by a hunger strike. Meanwhile, negotiations have been held between the refugees, the local authority of the district administration, and the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).