Class Struggle

Virtual Panel: Black Socialists on BLM, Class Struggle and Revolution

The fire last summer still burns against the police, racism, and bigotry. Despite the attempts at co-optation from the Democratic Party and open racism from the Republican Party, youth and workers are still rising up. What lessons can we learn from the uprising last summer to move forward with abolishing the police, breaking with the Democrats, and bringing class struggle together?

One Year After the Revolt in Chile: Seven Reasons to Take to the Streets Again

A year after the social explosion in Chile, we look back at some of the main reasons people took to the streets on October 18, 2019, and in the ensuing months. The review shows why it is essential to increase the numbers already mobilizing and bring millions into the streets again.

Cohering the Rebellions: For a Combat Party of the Working Class

Large sections of the socialist left — in venues like Jacobin — argue for channelling the ongoing rebellions against the capitalist state into electoralism and the Democratic Party. In the context of no-growth, predatory capitalism, this is utopian. We need instead a fighting, independent party of the working class to cohere the rebellions and to win power.